Professional Skip Tracing

Efficient Location Tracking

Quickly find individuals with our advanced location tracking technology, saving you time and resources in your search.

Access to Extensive Data

Accelerate your legal proceedings with our swift and efficient process serving, guaranteeing timely delivery and adherence to critical deadlines

Professional and Discreet

Benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals skilled in investigative techniques for reliable results.

Superior Skip Tracing Solutions

Welcome to Get Em Process Servers, where we turn the complex art of skip tracing into a seamless, straightforward solution for you. Whether you’re a business seeking to locate debtors, a legal professional in search of witnesses, or an individual looking for long-lost relatives, our services are tailored to meet your needs with unmatched accuracy and speed.

Individual Skip Tracing

Reconnect with the past and bridge the gaps in your personal history with our Individual Skip Tracing service. Whether you're searching for lost family members, childhood friends, or former colleagues, our team uses sensitive, ethical approaches to help you find the people who matter most.

Our service is perfect for:
Family Reunions: Finding relatives for genealogical research or family reunions.
Old Friends: Rekindling connections with friends from your past.
Missing Persons: Assisting in sensitive cases of missing persons with utmost discretion and care.

Debtor and Asset Location

Our Debtor and Asset Location service is a vital tool for businesses of all sizes. We specialize in locating debtors and uncovering hidden assets, ensuring that your financial interests are protected.

Our service is ideal for:
Debt Recovery: Tracing debtors to recover outstanding payments.
Asset Search: Locating hidden or undisclosed assets for legal and financial proceedings.
Financial Due Diligence: Providing comprehensive background checks to safeguard your investments.

Legal and Investigative Support

We offer specialized support for legal professionals, enhancing your ability to conduct thorough investigations and build strong cases.

Our services are crucial for:
Witness Location: Finding witnesses crucial to legal cases.
Litigation Support: Gathering information and evidence to support legal proceedings.
Service of Process: Locating individuals to serve legal documents efficiently.

Corporate Solutions

Our Corporate Solutions are designed to mitigate risk and provide essential information for businesses.

We offer:
Background Checks: Comprehensive checks for potential employees, business partners, and investors.
Corporate Intelligence: Gathering critical information about competitors, market trends, and potential threats.
Due Diligence Investigations: In-depth investigations to ensure the integrity of your business transactions and partnerships.


Find Faster, Achieve More: Elite Skip Tracing Services

Elevate your investigative capabilities with our state-of-the-art skip tracing technology, ensuring fast, accurate, and reliable location of individuals for legal, financial, or personal purposes.

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Helen Sarahi Gomez
Helen Sarahi Gomez
Amazing service. Definitely recommend them.
Lea Austin
Lea Austin
Talk about fast. Not the easiest to SPEAK to someone, buy they respond to email fairly quickly. I hope I don't need to,but if I need to, I would use them again.
Daniel Aguiniga
Daniel Aguiniga
Great response time with excellent customer service. Everything was executed rapidly! Thank you
Brigitte Bergman
Brigitte Bergman
Hello I am a 83 year old lady. I have been fighting an automobile accident- case for years Both parties in the accident are AAA insured. Established was that I was not at fault. I still have to fight for my rights! Get'em Have been of great help to me. I warmly recommend their service. Brigitte Bergman Pasadena CA.
liz barraza
liz barraza
Fast Efficient and affordable! Very informative!
Martina Johnson
Martina Johnson
A++++ Worth every penny 🙂 I worked with Johnny and he was amazing. They did everything for us and asked all our questions even during his off time. We took our previous wedding venue to court in an attempt to get our deposit back. Johnny did everything for us; all I did was signed documents via a link and showed up to court. Johny kept me updated. I definitely recommend him to everyone I know. BTW, the court granted us 50% of our deposit back + court fees.
Mark Kalnin
Mark Kalnin
My buddy served me papers through Getem to tell me I owed him 50¢ per month for the family Spotify bills! He told me in the morning that he was serving me papers, and BAM lo and behold I get my legal papers served to me by 5 o’clock this afternoon! CRAZY quick service. If I am getting papers served, I want them to be served by Getem. They should change their motto to GOTTEM ????
Amanda Stewart
Amanda Stewart
Johnny is a knowledgeable and compassionate individual. If you need papers served, fast, service performed efficently and with the highest level of professionalism do not hesitate to call them.
Maria Cardinale
Maria Cardinale
Excellent service. Will definitely use their services again.
Geva Baumer
Geva Baumer
I entrusted a difficult and time sensitive service with Get’em Process Server. The job was done efficiently and skillfully. I was impressed. I will use them again any time I need a process server in Southern California.




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