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Helen Sarahi Gomez
Helen Sarahi Gomez
Amazing service. Definitely recommend them.
Lea Austin
Lea Austin
Talk about fast. Not the easiest to SPEAK to someone, buy they respond to email fairly quickly. I hope I don't need to,but if I need to, I would use them again.
Daniel Aguiniga
Daniel Aguiniga
Great response time with excellent customer service. Everything was executed rapidly! Thank you
Brigitte Bergman
Brigitte Bergman
Hello I am a 83 year old lady. I have been fighting an automobile accident- case for years Both parties in the accident are AAA insured. Established was that I was not at fault. I still have to fight for my rights! Get'em Have been of great help to me. I warmly recommend their service. Brigitte Bergman Pasadena CA.
liz barraza
liz barraza
Fast Efficient and affordable! Very informative!
Martina Johnson
Martina Johnson
A++++ Worth every penny 🙂 I worked with Johnny and he was amazing. They did everything for us and asked all our questions even during his off time. We took our previous wedding venue to court in an attempt to get our deposit back. Johnny did everything for us; all I did was signed documents via a link and showed up to court. Johny kept me updated. I definitely recommend him to everyone I know. BTW, the court granted us 50% of our deposit back + court fees.
Mark Kalnin
Mark Kalnin
My buddy served me papers through Getem to tell me I owed him 50¢ per month for the family Spotify bills! He told me in the morning that he was serving me papers, and BAM lo and behold I get my legal papers served to me by 5 o’clock this afternoon! CRAZY quick service. If I am getting papers served, I want them to be served by Getem. They should change their motto to GOTTEM ????
Amanda Stewart
Amanda Stewart
Johnny is a knowledgeable and compassionate individual. If you need papers served, fast, service performed efficently and with the highest level of professionalism do not hesitate to call them.
Maria Cardinale
Maria Cardinale
Excellent service. Will definitely use their services again.
Geva Baumer
Geva Baumer
I entrusted a difficult and time sensitive service with Get’em Process Server. The job was done efficiently and skillfully. I was impressed. I will use them again any time I need a process server in Southern California.

CT Corporation Process Serving You Can Trust

CT Corporation serves as a registered agent for business entities necessitating attention to maintain legal adherence in the state of California. Our team possesses knowledge of the procedures and protocols required to serve CT Corp. We personally deliver your documents to authorized agents guaranteeing that your legal paperwork receives the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail.

Why Choose Get Em Process Servers?

  • Glendale Expertise: We have extensive experience serving legal documents on businesses represented by CT Corporation in Glendale.
  • Fast Turnaround: Time is critical. We understand the importance of swift service and prioritize efficient delivery of your documents.
  • Strict Adherence to Rules: Our process servers are trained and insured, ensuring your documents are served according to California legal guidelines.
  • Proof of Service: We provide comprehensive affidavits detailing the date, time, location, and method of service for your records.
  • Competitive Rates: We offer competitive rates for process serving in Glendale.

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Efficient Legal Document Serving at CT Corporation

When serving papers at CT Corporation in Glendale a range of documents may come into play depending on the proceedings and requirements. Here is a detailed list of documents that are commonly served to CT Corporation as a registered agent:

  • Summons and Complaints – These are the initial documents in a lawsuit that notify the defendant of the legal action and outline the plaintiff’s claims.

  • Subpoenas – Legal orders that require a person to testify in court or produce documents.

  • Writs – Court orders that mandate certain actions, such as seizing property to satisfy a judgment.

  • Notices – Various legal notices including notice of legal proceedings, notice of default, or notice of dismissal.

  • Garnishment Orders – Orders to withhold a person’s earnings for the payment of a debt as part of a court judgment.

  • Judgments – Final court decisions or orders that have been entered by the court following a lawsuit.

  • Requests for Production of Documents – Requests aimed at obtaining documents that are relevant to an ongoing investigation or litigation.

  • Interrogatories – Written questions sent to one party by another, which must be answered as part of the discovery process in a lawsuit.

  • Notice of Depositions – Notices informing that a deposition has been scheduled, where witnesses will give sworn evidence.

  • Letters Rogatory – Requests from a court in one country to a court in another country, usually for service of process or gathering evidence.

  • Cross-Complaints – Documents filed by a defendant to initiate a claim against the original plaintiff or against a third party.

  • Motions – Requests by a party to a judge for a decision on an issue relating to the case before the main trial.

  • Arbitration Notices – Notifications related to the arbitration process.

  • Bankruptcy Notices – Documents informing parties of bankruptcy filings and proceedings.

  • Settlement Offers and Agreements – Proposals and agreements to resolve a dispute between parties without continuing the litigation.

  • Court Orders – Various orders issued by a court that direct someone to do or not do something.

  • Default Notices – Notices sent to a party indicating they have not complied with a court order or contractual agreement.

Our experienced team is dedicated to providing service ensuring that every document is delivered accurately and promptly. You can count on us to handle your service of process needs with professionalism and meticulous care.

Complete Suite of Legal Support Services

At Get Em Process Servers, we offer a comprehensive suite of process serving services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional service with precision and care. 

Here’s what we can do for you:

Service of Process

Ensure timely and legally compliant delivery of your legal documents with our expert service of process.

Skip Tracing

Locate hard-to-find individuals with our precise and effective skip tracing services, enhancing the success of your legal actions.


Streamline your legal filings with our efficient e-filing services, ensuring fast and secure submission to the courts.

Court Filing

Rely on our meticulous court filing services for accurate and prompt submission of your legal documents to the right hands.

Court Research

Gain a strategic edge with our comprehensive court research services, providing you with the detailed insights and legal precedents you need.

Court Messenger

Experience swift and reliable delivery of your urgent legal documents with our dedicated court messenger services.

CT Corporation Service of Process FAQ

What is CT Corporation in Glendale?

CT Corporation serves as a registered agent service that handles documents on behalf of the businesses it represents. Situated in Glendale, CA it functions as a middleman to ensure delivery of documents, in compliance with state regulations.


Where is CT Corporation Located?

You can find CT Corporations office address located at 330 North Brand Blvd, #700 Glendale, CA 91203. Our process servers will physically travel to this address to deliver your legal papers. Any correspondence via mail will also use this address.

What Hours is CT Corporation Open?

CT Corporations operating hours have been updated to 7:00am-1:00pm, Monday through Friday. Please note that for RUSH or Same Day Service you will need to call us at 626 499-5099 before 10am as our workload varies.

What kinds of documents can be delivered to CT Corporation in Glendale?

Various legal documents can be delivered, including summonses, complaints, subpoenas, garnishment orders, notifications and more. Our services are customized to meet the needs associated with each document type

How fast can documents be delivered at CT Corporation in Glendale?

We provide both standard and rush delivery services. Opting for our same day service guarantees that documents are delivered on the day they are received as long as they reach us during our early operational hours (usually by 10am).

How will I know when the delivery of documents has been completed?

We offer updates and confirmation upon completion of delivery. Following the delivery of documents you will receive a proof of service document confirming the delivery and receipt of your legal papers at CT Corporation.

Is there a procedure for delivering documents to a registered agent like CT Corporation?

Indeed, delivering documents to a registered agent like CT Corporation involves adherence to particular protocols.

Our team of process servers has the expertise to handle these requirements and ensure that all legal papers are served in accordance with state and federal regulations.

What if there's a delay in serving documents at CT Corporation?

We prioritize effective service. In the event of delays, we will promptly notify you and put in our best efforts to resolve the situation while keeping you updated throughout the process.

Can you manage urgent requests for serving documents at CT Corporation in Glendale?

Certainly. We understand the urgency often associated with sensitive legal matters and offer expedited services to meet deadlines.  Contact us for rush or same day service pricing.

How much does it cost to serve documents at CT Corporation in Glendale?

The cost may vary depending on the service type needed, urgency and any additional services such as rush or same day service. We offer pricing and detailed estimates upon request.

How do I initiate document serving at CT Corporation in Glendale through your firm?

You can kickstart the process by placing an order out via our website and selecting CT Corporation as the Service Type in the order form.

You may also email us at hello@getempro.com and be sure to include ‘CT Corporation Service’ in the subject line and attach the documents you need served in PDF format.

You may also call our offices at (626) 499-5099 and we will assist you through each step to help determine which services suit your requirements best and provide a breakdown of costs.

What makes your company stand out when it comes to delivering documents to CT Corporation, in Glendale?

Our offices are strategically located in Arcadia, CA which is conveniently next to the city of Glendale and CT Corporation offices. This close proximity allows us to provide high volume and efficient serving for law firms, businesses, and individuals.

Our commitment lies in being dependable, efficient and offering friendly and personable customer support. With a team of seasoned process servers we guarantee that your documents are managed with professionalism and in compliance with legal requirements.

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